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Company Registration with Company Tax Registration: R750-00
Company Registration, Company Tax Registration, Shareholders certificate, Opening Of Business Bank Account: R900-00
Company Registration, Company Tax Registration, Shareholders certificate, Opening of Business Bank Account, Tax Clearance Certificate: R1,050-00(Save: R400-00)

Company Registration, Company Tax Registration,Shareholders certificate, Opening of Business Bank Account, Tax Clearance Certificate, BEE Certificate: R1,550 (Save: R450-00)

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Business Opportunities: 

Get free Government Funding, if you start a Co-operative. You must be 5 People or more and you can Qualify for Free Grants from Government of up to R500,000-00.
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Co-operative registration, with all other registrations included, Business Plan and Application for Free Goverment Grants & other Financing: ONLY R7,500-00

Before registering a co-operative, a formation meeting needs to be held with all persons that are interested in establishing the co-operative.

  • The Chairperson outlines the aims and objectives of the proposed co-operative
  • The Chairperson answers all the arising questions
  • The Chairperson invites everyone to join
  • Those interested should be given an application form for Membership to complete
  • The persons that have completed the above-mentioned application form decide how many persons will be required to manage the co-operative
  • The members will then elect the board of directors (the board of directors will be the management or steering committee of the co-operative)

 Also discuss and agree on the following:

  • The Objectives (exactly what the co-operative will do)
  • The equipment, premises and other materials needed by the enterprise
  • Where will the premises (co-operative office) be located
  • How will the co-operative be financed? How will the funds be obtained?
  • Draw-up an initial business plan
  • Choose a name for the co-operative (propose and choose alternative names).

Co-operative Registration Application Form

Different Types of Co-operatives:

Click on Link Below to see an Example of the Constitution!

Primary Agricultural Co-operative 

Primary General Non Specific Co-operative

Primary General Non Specific Co-operative

Primary Housing Co-operative

Primary Worker Co-operative

Secondary Co-operative

Secondary Housing Co-operative

Secondary Tertiary Co-operative

Single Services:

Shareholders Certificate: R300 ;

Opening of Business Bank Account: R350; 

Company Profile: R950;
Comprehensive Business Plan: R7,500; 

Logo Design: R900; BEE Certificate: R790

Department of Labour Registrations: UIF/SDL & WCA-COID: R1,500

Labour Law Matters: CCMA/Bargaining Council: R650-00 Consultation Fee, If we take the matter on: R2,200-00 + 30% of any award that be made.

Uncontested Divorce Matters: R2,000-00 ; Settlement Agreements: R1,000-00

Personal Tax Returns: R350-00

Company Tax Returns:

Provisional Tax Returns (Twice a Year): R550-00
Yearly Tax Return: R950-00
VAT Returns: R500-00 Every Second Month
U-Filing Every Month: R250-00
WCA-COID Return: (Once a Year): R550-00
EMP Reconciling with SARS: R950-00


Pay Roll: R25-00 per Employee per month
Bookkeeping: From R1,000-00 per month
Financial Year End Statements: R5,000.00

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Reference of some of the Companies we registered the past few Years!

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